Re: What Are the 10 Most-Played Songs in Your iTunes?

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OK, I'll bite, although I gotta say I think my iTunes' algorithm for tabulating most-played songs is a little screwy. Basically, here you've got:

--The two most melancholy pop songs from Gorillaz's latest, Plastic Beach.

--A whole bunch of epically moping joints from new goth wavers Cold Cave's last album (their forthcoming one, Cherish the Light Years, is on another level entirely).

--A couple songs off the Juan Maclean's outstanding last album, although I'm 100% certain I've listened to "Happy House" like 100 times more than I've listened to "A New Bot."

--One song each from L.A. skuzz punks No Age and Brooklyn screech rockers Les Savy Fav. "Glitter" is definitely my favorite number from No Age's last one, a jangly downtrodden anthem, but "Pluto" is kind of a random deep cut from the old LSF collection. Weird.

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