Question for Duff: Will You Tell Me One of Those Secrets You Won't Even Tell Your Wife?

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Hey, Duff: You said once you still keep some secrets with GN'R members that you have never even told your wife (and she's the one you go to bed with every night). Will you tell some of them in your book?! Or at least tell me?! --Igan

Duff: Yes, there are things about my past bands--and otherwise--that I haven't told anyone, including my wife. There are a few reasons for this:

1. Why tell my wife maybe something that could gross her out? Or also, anger issues that I have since dealt with handily. I don't want to frighten my dear wife . . . and a lot of these stories would.

2. I would never, EVER betray confidences with people who have entrusted them with me. Bands are a place where emotions get pushed to the top so often--and reactions to those emotions and breakthroughs because of them have been witnessed by me. Breakthroughs are not always good and fraught with relief. They can be searingly jagged. A friend helps another friend in those times. Period.

3. I have written a book that examines MY part in things. It would be wholly unfair, in my opinion, to make a few bucks off someone without giving them a chance for rebuttal within those same pages. They didn't ask to be put in MY book. Make sense?

4. Hmmm. #3 is not a bad idea for another and largely different book!

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