One Repulsive Album Cover I'd Rather Never See Again (Plus a Few More While We're on the Subject)

Underneath the Pine, Toro Y Moi.

The picture really is worth a thousand words, but between the crustache, the porny soft-focus lighting, and the nudibranchs (or is it grapefruit?) crawling out of the unfortunate cover model's face . . . Ugh. Ew. Yuck. Blech. Gag. Barf. Unfortunately, the album only came out last week, so expect to see a lot more of it.

Thus ends my rant, but since one gross-out leads to another, here are a few more disgusting, creepy, or otherwise upsetting album covers from the past year that I'd prefer not to think about. Ever. Again. Though with the way they've seared themselves into my memory, that may not be possible.

Do Whatever You Want All the Time, Ponytail

This one isn't so much gross as just plain old ugly. It looks like one of those "Magic Eye" posters you were obsessed with as a kid that had eagles or monster trucks or something camouflaged in a mess of confusing pixels. Except, you know, without the hidden picture.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (alternate cover), Kanye West

Thankfully, some publicist put the kibosh on this painting before it could be officially released as the album art. I can't quite put my finger on what's so disturbing about it. Maybe it's the expression on his face?

Mean Old Man, Jerry Lee Lewis

Yep, definitely the expression on his face.

Heathen Child (single), Grinderman

This one reminds me of that Richard Preston book The Hot Zone, about people melting into puddles of insanely contagious bloody ooze from the Ebola virus. Thanks for that, Nick Cave and Co. Bonus tip: Never watch a Grinderman video.

Stridulum, Zola Jesus

No wait, this one reminds me of people melting to death from Ebola! Or drowning in a vat of chocolate like Augustus Gloop. Or dying from being coated in oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Any way you look at it, not good.

Did I miss any? Add your own in the comments!

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