Okkervil River and Titus Andronicus to Inaugurate Seattle Theatre Group's Recreated Neptune Theatre in June

Back in November, Seattle Theatre Group took over the U District's Neptune Theatre, announcing its intentions to recreate it as primarily a live-music venue. Yesterday, STG sent out a press release stating that they've now begun booking events at the Neptune. The programming will eventually include comedy, fine arts, independent film, and educational events as well as live music, but the first booking is a concert featuring Austin's Okkervil River, who will release their sixth full-length, I Am Very Far, in May, and will be supported at the Neptune by New Jersey buzz band Titus Andronicus (who last visited Seattle at the Tractor last fall).

The show is on Saturday, June 18 at 9 p.m., and in keeping with the traditions of STG's Paramount and Moore Theatres, it is all-ages. Tickets are $20 in advance and, starting this Saturday, available for purchase at the Paramount and Moore box offices. (But be sure to check back on Reverb closer to the show date for a ticket giveaway.)

Exciting stuff to look forward to, but STG's still got a lot of work to do--according to yesterday's press release, the organization is still looking to raise another $400,000 to fund the Neptune's complete transformation, mainly the following tasks:

  • Preserve architecture and restore cosmetic detail.
  • Install motorized movie screen.
  • Reveal original stage and proscenium.
  • Upgrade backstage area.
  • Install state of the art sound and lights.
  • Install safety sprinkler system.
  • Improve patron amenities: seating, beverage service
  • and restroom upgrades.

So if you're looking to give away a few G's, here's a great option. One donor has already given $30,000!

Read more about STG's plans for the Neptune on their official website.

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