Nardwuar Interviews Macklemore at SXSW, Plus 6 of the Best "Human Serviette" Moments

For more than two decades, Vancouver, B.C.'s Nardwuar the Human Serviette (which, by the way, means "napkin"), has been interviewing musicians. His gag, aside from the ridiculous plaid clothing and more ridiculous demeanor, is gifting them vinyl and other objects that prove his very serious level of knowledge about them. And at SXSW last week in Austin, the eccentric interviewer caught up with Seattle's own Macklemore.

In the video, Nardwuar passes him some Nastymix white vinyl and talks God's thrift shop (that's House Of Vintage in Portland) and the passed-up $6,000 offer from Drake's management for a concert and guest verse, long before the Lil Wayne prodigy reached superstar status. Mack is also the first second Seattle artist to be interviewed by the Human Serviette since Nirvana in 1994 (following Fleet Foxes in '09)--and that's a must-see slice of Nirvana history. Just don't tell Krist Novoselic I sent you there.

But being as Nardwuar's been "rocking in the free world" since 1986, there's a pretty impressive archive to draw from--and a whole lot of hilarious moments. Just be careful, because it's easy to lose hours in his vault.

6. Drake Joined by producer 40, the Canadian MC gets just as goofy as the interviewer he grew up watching and reminisces about Pam Grier's effect on his "development." Plus, Nardwuar gets Drake his first ever "fucking red jacket with the zippers."

5. Busta Rhymes Catching him on the set of Halloween: Ressurection, Nardwuar gets a surprisingly rare reaction: "Maybe just tighten up one of them screws in the side of his skull."

4. Curren$y Not surprisingly, Curren$y starts out talking about the quality of Austin's weed, but they move to Camp Lo, 504 Boyz, movie cameos and socks, and after asking him whether or not he's a DJ the MC offers to fly Nardwuar out to Chicago for a six-piece at Harold's Chicken. "High or not, this is trill."

3. Snoop Dogg Narwuar: "In the Korn video, there's a guy wearing a tartan hat and asking you questions, and he gets slapped." Snoop: "Yeah, he imitated you." Plus, the Human Serviette gets Blowfly to rag on the Doggfather for stealing his props.

2. N.E.R.D. Pulling out Carl Sagan's Music of the Cosmos and Wreckx-N-Effect's "Rump Shaker" (that's Pharell's first writing credit), the N.E.R.D. guys seem legitimately freaked out by the depth of Nardwuar's knowledge. In fact, Pharell was so impressed he called Jay-Z and set Nardwuar up with him.

1. Odd Future For maybe the first time yet, an interviewer got the upper hand with the LA-based skate-rap hellraisers. Tyler, The Creator sings Ciara's "1,2 Step," they talk Alan Tew, James Pants, Roy Ayers, Justin Bieber and even get a little serious talking about MIA crew member Earl. And in true Nardwuar form, Tyler's incredulous reaction to his research: "How you know this shit? You with the feds?"

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