Almost two years ago , Blue Scholars announced a revolutionary record deal (of sorts) in which the duo would have the Duck Down Records label


Masters of the Unconventional, Blue Scholars Ink a Record Deal With the People

Almost two years ago, Blue Scholars announced a revolutionary record deal (of sorts) in which the duo would have the Duck Down Records label "sign to them"--that is, be hired to assist with marketing and distribution of the OOF! EP--and local coffee company Caffé Vita would front a line of low-interest funding in exchange for long-term branding association.

At the time, that structure was planned to continue with their next full-length--Cinemetropolis, which has a TBD June release date--but now with a new self-managed model, that's not the case. It seems they took Duck Down co-founder Drew "Dru Ha" Friedman's words to heart when he said, "To be honest, they didn't totally need us. Being able to sell 20,000 records independently, that gives you options." And one of those--following the sucessful lead of Macklemore and the less-so one of M.A.D. Northwest--is turning to the people via a Kickstarter campaign.

Looking for $25,000 to finance the record and associated art projects--and already nearing $7K in its first day--the Scholars are giving fans the opportunity to donate toward receiving the digital album weeks before its official June release, as well as special exclusive-to-Kickstarter swag like posters, release-party tickets, and a liner note shout-out.

From the press release:

For their third full-length release, MC Geologic and DJ/Producer Sabzi are forgoing traditional music industry channels and taking their creative vision directly to the people who matter most: their family, friends, and fans. Instead of letting a record label decide how and when to deliver their music to the people, the group has launched a campaign on the fan-funding platform Kickstarter from March 6 through April 21, to support the album's distribution and creative projects.


For their first full-length release since Bayani in 2007, Blue Scholars are signing a deal with the people. As Sabzi explains, "Our philosophy has always been to produce our music and media with creative freedom, while still being able to sustain and grow ourselves. And at this point, we don't believe that the tired music industrial model is necessary for people to pick up what we're putting down."

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