Klaxons Mysteriously Cancel Entire North American Spring Tour--Including April 9 at Chop Suey

Brit-rockers Klaxons announced this morning, via Facebook, that they've cancelled their entire North American spring tour. The only explanation being offered right now is "unforeseen circumstances." So if you've already bought tickets to their scheduled April 9 appearance at Chop Suey, you're out of luck--and it doesn't look like you're getting a refund either.

Says the band:

Anyone with a proof of purchase for their tickets is entitled to a free download of an exclusive song unavailable elsewhere. Email ticket scans or purchase confirmations to info@klaxons.net

Hmmm . . . one measly song in exchange for a concert ticket? Not sure that adds up.

Hopefully something serious hasn't happened to the band--more details to come when we hear. In the meantime, if you're bummed, just look at this:

Thumbnail image for klaxons452.jpg

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