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Fly Moon Royalty. via Facebook
The promising "electro-soul" duo Fly Moon Royalty will join the likes of D. Black and Spac3Man* on Seattle's Sportn' Life


Seattle's Sportn' Life Records Taps Fly Moon Royalty, One of the City's Most Promising Rap Prospects

Fly Moon 1.jpg
Fly Moon Royalty. via Facebook
The promising "electro-soul" duo Fly Moon Royalty will join the likes of D. Black and Spac3Man* on Seattle's Sportn' Life Records, a deal that was announced by the band and the label earlier today.

The group--comprising singer Adraboo and MC/producer/DJ Action Jackson--is a blue-chip prospect in the local hip-hop/soul scene. The best way to explain their sound is to imagine that Beth Ditto and Erykah Badu had a baby, and that baby grew up and produced a record with Q-Tip.

The duo performed last Tuesday at the Comet on a bill that included L.A.'s Little Red Radio, Lisa Dank, and Pearl from Champagne Champagne. They were a little rough around the edges, but all in all they brought good energy, had several catchy tunes, and got a sizable portion of the crowd dancing by the end of their set.

Action Jackson reportedly hails from Grand Rapids, Mich., and moved to Seattle in 2009. He plays keyboards and fiddles with the synthesizer during the show, stepping out from behind the electronics to drop a throwback verse every now and again. He's also in the impeccably named group Sex Panther.

Adraboo is a Seattle native and a hot mess of a lead singer. She looks sort of like a young Aretha Franklin, only with a mammoth afro and a make-up/outfit combo that wouldn't be out of place on a burlesque stage. According to Sportn' Life, she's also in "an electro-pop all-girl group" called Luxury A.K., whose first EP was produced by Jackson.

Here's the official press release from Sportn' Life, with info on how to hear the band's new self-titled record for free:

SEATTLE, WA - March 7, 2011 - Sportn' Life Records announced today that it has signed a new act: Fly Moon Royalty. The Seattle duo consists of Action Jackson and Adraboo and their sound has been compared to Gossip, Janelle Monae, and Gnarles Barkley.

"It's an honor to work with Fly Moon Royalty; the sounds they produce are incredible," said DeVon Manier, President and Co-Founder of Sportn' Life Records. "The labels roster keeps expanding, and now features a diverse set of talent with Fly Moon Royalty, D.Black, Fatal Lucciauno, Spac3man, SK and Marissa. "We're also growing the label in other ways, with a consulting and management division, a series of annual events launching in 2012, and more," Manier said.

Fly Moon Royalty's self-titled 10-track LP is a soulful, upbeat album with a unique combination of neo-soul, hip hop, and alternative, with songs written by the group, and features a guest appearance from Rachael Ferguson of NighTrain. For a very limited time, the album is available for free here in exchange for an email address:

Also worth nothing that when they formed back in 2010, Fly Moon Royalty was called Sugar Water Purple. They had to change the name because, remarkably, the moniker was already taken.

Here are the band's upcoming live shows:

Apr 3, 2011- Red Eye (21+), Sea, WA 9pm. FREE

Apr 8, 2011- The Scarlet Tree (21+), Sea, WA TBA with Madly In Dub

Apr 10, 2011- KEXP 90.3FM on-air LIVE w/ Larry Mizell, jr. & Street Sounds 8pm.

Apr 16, 2011- Chop Suey (21+), Sea, WA 9pm. $8 with D.Black, Candidt, and Jus Moni

May 21, 2011- Husky Stadium (ALL AGES), Sea, WA 2pm Sat - 8am Sun UW Relay For Life

May 27, 2011- Crocodile (21+), Sea, WA Grayskul and Continental; Soldiers

*This post was updated at 1:43 correct the name of Sportn' Life's Spac3man.

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