Chris Mansfield Digs Mamma Mia, Jeff Beck, But Nothing He Heard in High School

Every March, the entire music industry descends on Austin, Texas, for the South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival March 15 to 20, and Seattle's scene is no exception. Dozens of bands are making the trip, and they'll be playing more shows and downing more free Red Stripes than can be calculated.

We normally reserve our "Reverb Questionnaire" for non-music folks like Michelle Norris and Michael Chabon, but in preparation for the massive trip south, we tweaked our standard questions and presented them to a few of the local emissaries making the journey.

Here's what we learned about Fences' Chris Mansfield:

SW: What music have you been listening to today? Did you like it?

Mansfield: Hotel music. It is usually so awful.

What's your preferred method for listening to music (iPod, car, home stereo, etc.)?

If I am at home I like to listen to records. When I am walking around, I use my phone.

When was the last time you heard "Stairway to Heaven"? Did you turn it off?

No "Stairway"? Denied!

Do you play an instrument?

I do.

Do you still listen to anything you were listening to in high school?

Actually, no.

What was the first band/artist you saw in concert? Would you see them again?

Jeff Beck. Yes!

What was the last band/artist you saw in concert? Worth your time?

Against Me! One of the best live shows ever. So sick!

When you sing karaoke, what's your go-to number?

"I'm on Fire," Bruce Springsteen.

How do you feel about ABBA?

I have seen the play Mamma Mia. I enjoyed it. The music was my least favorite part, though. Something about disco makes me actually feel like I am carsick. It sounds "spinny."

What is the last song you want to hear before you die?

"Grazie," Jenny O.

What's one indispensable accessory for this year's SXSW?

I might wear shorts.

How are you getting down to Austin, and how sure are you that your mode of transportation will get you all the way there?

A Ford Ecoline van, White Fang, Yes! Pretty sure.

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