10 Years Later, Barsuk Releases Rilo Kiley's Best Record, Take-Offs and Landings, on Vinyl

Before there was Jenny and Johnny, before there was the deal with Warner Brothers and Under the Blacklight, and before Blake Sennett became the 57th guy in a band to date Winona Ryder, an unknown indie band called Rilo Kiley released their debut album on Barsuk Records in 2001. There have been three memorable releases since then, but some Rilo Kiley fans (present company included), still count Take Offs and Landings as their favorite of the band's records. Jenny Lewis' voice has never sounded so tiny and sweet as it does on the opening track, "Go Ahead" (Neither has Sennett's, on hidden track "Spectacular Views"). And Lewis' lyrics have never made more brave and bittersweet sense than when she sings, on "Pictures of Success," "They say California is a recipe for a black hole/And I say I've got my best shoes on/I'm ready to go."

All of this is to say that revisiting Take-Offs and Landings is a great idea, and now Barsuk is making it easy by releasing the album on double 180-gram vinyl for the very first time on March 15 (that's next week!).


Barsuk tells us that the double LP will include the hidden track "Spectacular Views," as well as a special etching on the fourth side and a digital download of the record.

Hit up Barsuk's website in a week to purchase the LP; it's $21.

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