Also Tonight: Thunder Buffalo, the Femurs, No Rey, Vegan Side Dishes, Lavender-Infused Vodka, and Other Friends at the Highline

Thunder Buffalo.
The folks on the other side of the office throw a monthly party called Happy Hour for Hope that turns the hard-drinking habits of folks on this side, and the community at large, into a tidy pile of cash for local do-gooders. Every now and then, said party includes a handful of local bands. They done out-did themselves this time.

Six local shit-kickers, including a couple of a faves (Thunder Buffalo, the Femurs, etc.) will be playing vegan-friendly Highline on Cap Hill tonight, and the $5 suggested donation--along with a buck from select drinks (more in a sec)--are headed toward the UW's Center of Human Rights.

Here are the details:

Bands start at 6:

Happy Hour Tuneage

No Rey

Thunder Buffalo

The Royal Bear

The Femurs

Bell Witch

The Drinks That Make You Feel Good on the Inside and Out:

-- Vanilla-infused vodka and Coke

-- Lavender-infused vodka and lemonade

-- Blue Star Wheat Beer

I'll be there nursing a cold and a GIANT GLASS OF RED STAG (after my lavender-infused vodka, of course) while requesting Kid Rock between sets, so no hugs tonight.

See y'all there.

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