White Stripes Breakup Makes More Room For Seattle's My Goodness and Their Sarathan Records Debut, Out April 5

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Hey, did you hear that the White Stripes broke up today? That means they're going to continue not making music until they decide to make music again. How many years and Coachella offers is it going to take to get them back together? 10? Nah . . .

While the White Stripes are making their awkward exit, their local counterparts, My Goodness, are cranking things up. The Stripes/Black Keys-inspired duo just gave us the good news about the release of their debut--an album that is easily among the local releases we're most looking forward to this year.

My Goodness guitarist/vocalist Joel Schneider has informed us that they'll be working with Seattle's Sarathan Records for the April 5 release of their swamp/blues/punk debut.

To celebrate, the crew is throwing a CD-release party on April 8 at Rendezvous, with DJs in the JewelBox. They'll be playing downstairs with another Reverb crush, Whalebones, who have an album of their own on the way.

Circle this night on the calendar, folks. The White Stripes are dead, but you'll want to see these guys in the basement of Rendezvous while you still can.

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