Today Reverb Recommends You Support Seattle's C89, the Station That First Played Lady Gaga

Rihanna and Lady Gaga owe some of their success to C89.5 FM.
Die-hard dance-music fans already respect C89.5 FM as one of the genre's most influential forces. Those less familiar should check it out, because as it gears up to celebrate its 40th birthday, what it's accomplished is phenomenal and deserves major kudos--as we recap in this week's feature.

The high-school student-run radio station, based at Nathan Hale High School in Lake City, reaches more than 160,000 listeners around the world. It's one of only six whose playlists make up the Billboard Dance Chart, and as student-operated stations go, the only one with that much credibility. Seriously, how many people can say that Rihanna and Lady Gaga performed in their school auditorium?

For a small donation of $8.95, you can be a part of C89.5's 40th-birthday celebration, featuring Brooklyn Bounce, H-Boogie, Niamh Egan, Lisa Dank, and Melakai at Neighbours this Saturday, February 12. You might not recognize these names now, but at one point you wouldn't have recognized Gaga's either. So get your tickets, support a good cause, and prepare to dance your ass off.

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