Today Reverb Recommends You Snuggle Up With Delilah on Valentine's Day

For all of us schmucks out there, Delilah, the requests and dedications program whose flagship is Seattle soft-rock station Warm 106.9 FM, is a godsend. The "Queen of Sappy Love Songs" possesses a soothing voice that provides sympathy and encouragement in all matters of love, while playing schmaltzy ballads by Bonnie Raitt, Bryan Adams, and Phil Collins.

For everyone else, she is a guilty pleasure or just plain awful, ranking in coolness just a small notch above John Tesh. But come Valentine's Day, there is no one better to listen to. Having been married thrice and now raising 11 kids on her own, Delilah knows a thing or two about life experience, as documented in the new issue of Seattle Weekly. So wipe that smirk off your face, turn the dial to 106.9 FM, and snuggle up with Delilah. Because she has the perfect song for you, you just have to listen and wait for it.

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