Ticketmaster, Stubhub, and the Fiasco of Trying to Get Tickets for LCD Soundsystem's Last Ever Show

As previously reported, LCD Soundsystem are playing their last ever show April 2 in New York City at Madison Square Garden. On Wednesday, presale tickets went on sale via Ticketmaster and quickly sold out. Today, general tickets went on sale, but were, for many would-be purchasers, immediately unavailable. Meanwhile, tickets showed up on scalper sites like Stubhub starting at ~$150 and going up to anywhere from $750 to several thousand dollars for general-admission floor tickets. The situation was such that LCD Soundsystem posted this to their Twitter:

Picture 6.png
Check the hashtag--pretty much no one got tickets except for AMEX preferred members or the few lucky folks who made the pre-sale. And of course, the scalpers.

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The bright side, of course, is it gives Aziz Ansari some material . . .

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Picture 5.png
But, really, it's not that funny. I guess you could argue that a person could still get tickets, and that ticket reseller prices more accurately reflect the supply and demand of the market even if first-come first-served seems more fair. And despite the outcries on Twitter, this doesn't necessarily mean that NONE of LCD Soundsystem's fans will get to see their last show--it just means that only the extremely lucky or cash-loaded ones will. Lame.

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