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Last week, we touched on some heavy issues concerning


This Week in Loaded: Three New Songs, One New Movie, and Plenty of Flirting With Lemmy, ZZ Top, and Sean Kinney

Duff McKagan's column runs every Thursday on Reverb. His sports column on ESPN.com runs every Wednesday.
Last week, we touched on some heavy issues concerning life, loss, and the general hurdles that life puts in front of all of us. Speaking for myself, it was good to get it out of my system. I hope it was for all of you who commented, too. It's time now to move on. It is Loaded time, after all.

After a sort of long downtime of not much public activity with my band Loaded, things are finally starting to go public.

On Tuesday, three of our new songs and the cover-art from our upcoming record, The Taking, were leaked on BLABBERMOUTH. A few years ago, digital streams as leaks spelled doom for a band's future record sales; now they are looked at as almost a good thing, something that can get a prospective audience pumped and talking about the upcoming release of the full-length. It is almost like it is free advertising, like "Here, check out some of THIS. It is so good and precious, that someone figured out how to hack into the label's mainframe computer and unleash this new kick-ass music." Hey, for me, and everything that I have seen over the years in this business, who cares? As long as people are talking.

I'm on a flight right now back up to Seattle where we are going to do a few more segments of "RADIO LOADED" on KISW. Sean Kinney will be joining in again . . . and who knows? Maybe he and I will actually one day have a radio hour of our own--an everyday thing. But that would be way off in the future.

Loaded is making a movie, too. What? A film? Some people who know about it think that perhaps somehow we have suddenly become "actors," and hence, the film will be a shoddy attempt at scripted dialogue. Really, it is nothing like that.

I tried acting one time back in the late '90s. I got a call from a show called Sliders starring Jerry O'Connell on the Sci-Fi Channel. They needed a punk-rock vampire who could play drums (I sort of do that), who could go around killing people, and generally be a badass. Roger Daltrey had been the guest star the week before, so I thought, "Fuck it! Why not?" I was newly sober and open to try anything new at least once for the life-experience factor. I was trying to face fears. There were a bunch of speaking lines, and, long story short, I sucked (pun intended).

No, the Loaded movie will be more in line with a very twisted A Hard Day's Night, a movie where the songs on the record did all the "talking," and the band was just trying to make its way through a bunch of insane circumstances to get from point A to point B. If you like male prostitution, killing a child predator, ferries, motorcycles, hang-gliders, bi-planes, and Mary Kay Letourneau, this Loaded flick may just be for you.

Filmmaker and general visionary Jamie Chamberlin is helming this project, and I must say he may be West Seattle's best kept secret, artist-wise.

While Motorhead is in town this Friday at the Showbox, the great Lemmy Kilmister has agreed to play a cameo role in the movie, which I am psyched about.

It is very likely too, that we may be playing some surprise and unannounced acoustic shows around town for the filming: "Flash gigs," if you will.

Rumor has it that we may be recording a song for an upcoming ZZ Top tribute record this weekend too. If it doesn't happen this week, it will happen soon, I am told. Other acts include Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon, Wolfmother, Stone Sour, and more. Either way, the record should be pretty interesting.

Next week, the band starts gearing up the press machine. Interview after interview after interview. It is actually one of the most rigorous things that I have to do in my professional life. It can get exhausting answering the same question over and over, without seeming like a jerk. I do realize, after all this time, that the interviewer you are talking to currently did not in fact know the questions the last guy asked me. None of them are trying to be repetitive.

All this stuff comes at the exact right time for me personally, as I just got done writing and doing a first full edit of my book. It was 14 months of huge ups and downs for me, to a level I did not expect. I can see why people get ghostwriters. I can get real, real painful and uneasy digging up skeletons and re-examining the whole sludge and effluvia of your wreckage.

So onward and forward we trudge: The fine gentlemen of The Loaded Group. Taking no names and no prisoners. Hide your daughters (and sons?), and sharpen up on your Scrabble game, because ready or not, here we come.

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