Sticking to His Guns, Grynch Goes "Timeless" With the First Single Off His Upcoming EP

Art by dj100proof.
To flat-out call your music "Timeless" is a gutsy move, and one that necessitates a certain amount of backing-up. But more than simply making the claim, Grynch teams up with fellow Seattle rapper La and Providence, R.I.'s Jon Hope, and uses the title track from his forthcoming Timeless EP to reflect defiantly on the real vs. the fake over a mellow, introspective beat from up-and-coming local producer Jester. And though the lyrics back the sentiment, the strongest statement comes from the song itself--Grynch has a distinct style, and it's good to see him stick to his flow than chase the popular sound. In his words: "I age like wine, yup, the vibe is timeless."

The song isn't downloadable yet, but it's currently streaming on same site that will debut the EP next month. Due out March 8, the Timeless EP consists of five new tracks--all produced by Jester--plus the Sabzi remix of "My Volvo" and DSane's take on "Got Ya Numb" with local MC Wizdom.

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