Phantogram Polarizes Fanbase After "When I'm Small" Appeared on MTV's Skins Last Night

Phantogram made their TV debut last Wednesday on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, where they performed "Mouthful of Diamonds." It was a killer number, especially with the live drummer accompanying Josh and Sarah, but the performance is already yesterday's news. That's because Phantogram was featured on an even more talked-about show just last night--MTV's controversial Skins.

You'll have to forgive me--I didn't watch the show, but from what I gather, Phantogram's uber-slick "When I'm Small" was played during the show as one of the main characters walked down the hall in slow motion, and apparently it was very sexy, in a sexy-teenager way. After the show ended, the official music video for "When I'm Small" premiered on MTV. (You can still watch it on MTV's website--it's black-and-white, stark, and very beautiful).

In a single night, Phantogram's made a legion of new teen fans--which is upsetting their legion of existing, non-Skins-demographic fans. Check out the below sampling of YouTube comments left by kids who looked up "When I'm Small" just last night. I left the spelling and grammar uncorrected, just for fun.

i hate how people know this song cause of skins. oi,? people.

I wish this song would play when i'm walking down? the hall in slow motion :]

Omigod even if this hadn't been on skins, id still love it, probably never would of never heard it otherwise though. its got a very..... I dont know how to explain it? its quite magical. its... its my favorite song right now

all i have to say is,"what? a bad ass fukin song!". Phantogram deserves all the hype they get from SKINS.

Drugs drugs drugs that all I wanna do ehen I litsen to this song. Its so nostalgic and like? idk... This song is amazing.!

I liked them way before? that gay shit skins...

Scandal! The band themselves responded to the uproar via Facebook. After one fan posted the following comment . . .

Fuckenn selloutsss. That's it. I'm done with you guys.

. . . Phantogram responded, commenting:

do you like our music? or are you only into artists that are never credited for their hard work and talent? in our humble opinion, it might be a good idea for you to take a step back, and look towards the future of art and music in an optimistic way. we appreciate people (like you) who listen, and enjoy music for what it is. sincerely, phantogram.

We say: If the teens want to love them some Phantogram, let 'em. An A+ band gets recognition they deserve, and the kids are listening to something other than Ke$ha. Everyone wins.

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