Kill Rock Stars Adds Brooklyn Indie-Pop Favorites Milagres to Their Stable

Josh Goleman
Kill Rock Stars has just announced their latest signing--the New York quintet Milagres, already a popular favorite in their native Brooklyn. Milagres--Kyle Wilson, Eric Schwortz, Steve Leventhal, Fraser McCulloch, and Chris Brazee--make fluent indie-pop music, as heard on their 2010 self-released debut, Seven Summits, which was poetically inspired by nature, namely rock-climbing.

KRS' Portia Sabin, who will represent Milagres, tells SW:

i heard their record and thought they had great songs, but then found myself unable to sleep because the songs were just running through my head relentlessly--the last time that happened to me was with Thao's demo songs, and i feel like that's a pretty strong reason to take a band seriously. we're super excited that we get to put this record out, i think a lot of other people will have the same experience of not being able to get the songs out of their heads!

That record is Milagres' second full-length, Glowing Mouth, which KRS will release this September.

You can get a taste of Milagres' sound with "Glowing Mouth," available for listen on Bandcamp. "Glowing Mouth" is a studious song, carefully measured with piping organ notes, a heavy synth line, and ghostly, beautiful falsetto vocals singing a fluid, heart-melting melody. As a touchstone, it's reminiscent of--I have to say it--fellow Brooklynites Grizzly Bear. In my book, that comparison's always a huge compliment.

If you like what you hear, Milagres will be in Seattle on March 31, playing at the Rendezvous.

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