Finally, a Globes Full-Length: Barsuk Will Release Future Self on April 26

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Laura Musselman
The Globes playing Neumos last month.
If you are like me, your copy of the Globes' Sinter Songs EP is to be pitied, as it has been played over and worn to death. It's time to put that thing to rest, as Barsuk Records has just announced that they will finally release the Globes' debut full-length record, entitled Future Self, on April 26. Oh, happy day. In a year when Fiona Apple is supposedly releasing a new album, Future Self is my most anticipated record of 2011.

To celebrate the news, Barsuk is doing two nice things:

1. You can download the Globes' icy "Stay Awake," which some (me) consider to be the band's pièce de résistance. (So far. They're young.)

2. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about right now, you can also download the entire Sinter Songs EP for free at PureVolume. Then you'll know.

Future Self's track list is as follows:

1. Haunted by Bears

2. Pigeon

3. Stay Awake

4. A Stitch Couldn't Save the World

5. Pretty Birds Above Our Heads

6. Ghost

7. Japan

8. Face Up Facing

It will look a little something like this:

Thumbnail image for TheGlobes_FutureSelf_1500px_300dpi_RGB_picnik.jpg

The boys have a busy spring ahead of them, including performances at SXSW and Sasquatch! You, the fine people of Seattle, will next have the opportunity to see them live on March 12 when they open for the Dismemberment Plan at the Showbox SoDo and again on March 26 when they open for Telekinesis at the Crocodile.

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