Also Tonight: Penetration at Unicorn

Penetration photo courtesy of Dumb Eyes.
Last year in some other publication I called Penetration--the Unicorn's monthly audio-visual freak-out thrown by graphic-design team Dumb Eyes--"the best night out in Seattle." Now I realize that's hyperbolic, and Capitol Hill-centric, and possibly nepotistic (I TOLD YOU!), but I'll still stand by it, more or less. At the very least, Penetration is unlike any other nightlife happening in town.

The key to its unique, freaky charm is the combination of lo-fi "trippy" videos, complimentary prismatic glasses, and the highly idiosyncratic DJing of Dumb Eyes' Christian Peterson--as I've written before:

[U]nlike many DJs, Peterson's sets are not about the seamless mix but rather about the high-contrast juxtapositions (the Prodigy into Aerosmith into the Feelies). His selecting, aided by Penetration's atmosphere, reveals the latent psychedelic qualities--strange sounds, hypnotic grooves, disorienting atmospheres, mood-elevating riffs--in all kinds of music not normally associated with mind-alteration, from radio hip-hop to hair metal.

The night is free, and it runs from 9 p.m. to close. There will be (probably dosed) corndogs.

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