5 Reasons We Hired Eric Grandy to be Reverb's Chillwave Correspondent

1. We don't know what chillwave is, and we refuse to find out. So we're outsourcing it to Eric Grandy, a longtime local music writer whose most recent gig was music editor at The Stranger. In fact, the new office mantras are "Give it to Grandy" and "Did you get it from Grandy?"

2. We don't know what the gym is. Grandy does. Or he says he does. Which in our book means he does.

3. For years, we've admired his keen musical analysis and institutional knowledge from afar. We're excited that he'll be bringing his chops to Reverb, where he'll have a daily presence. You'll also see his byline in the music section of our paper.

4. We've admired his (insert something witty here) for years, too.

5. Did you see his first post? 'Nuf said.

Welcome aboard, Eric.

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