Today Reverb Recommends Getting a Taste of Say Hi's New Sound at the Um, Uh Oh Release Show at Neumos

Jenny Jimenez
This is how Eric feels about you.
Say Hi is playing an album-release show tonight at Neumos, in celebration of Eric Elbogen's latest and greatest, Um, Uh Oh. Last week you read about what Elbogen told me about his relationship with his critics, his bandmates, and himself; here's what he told me about the new sounds on his new record:

Part of being a perfectionist is that when I'm making records and I'm making them myself without an extra set of ears, and I'm playing all the instruments myself, it's so easy to really keep refining all of the minutiae. I wanted to let loose a little more vocally on this record. We were talking about Exile on Main Street before, which is my favorite Stones record; you just hear that record, and it's just loose and it's bluesy. The cadence of the way Mick Jagger sings, sometimes he sings and it sounds to me like the cadence of an electric guitar or a saxophone just going for it, and I love that, that's what I'm into right now. The early Say Hi records, you know, it's all whispered vocals, and it's all like eighth note synthesizer bass, it's really grid-like. I tried to make this record a little looser.

Um, Uh Oh achieves that relaxed atmosphere that Elbogen was aiming for; it's a total kick-back-on-your-couch-and-do-nothing-but-listen record. The standout for me is the sloping opening track, "Dots on Maps," of which Elbogen says, "That's about . . . metaphorically driving around in the middle of nowhere, in the darkness, listening to the same record over and over again, looking for something new and exciting and knowing that it's there, somewhere."

New and exciting nails it. And if that's not incentive enough to hit up the show tonight, Seattle's best guitar rock band, the Globes, will be opening.

Cataldo's also opening. The show's all ages, door at 8 p.m., tickets are $12. Do it.

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