The Unwanted Act Returning to Sasquatch!: A Stage Wrapped in a Black Garbage Bag

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This will be your view of the Gorge stage again this year.
The full lineup for Sasquatch! won't be announced for another week, but we already know of one unwelcomed attendee that will be returning this year: the eyesore that is the black curtain that is part of the new stage installed at the Gorge, which made its debut at Sasquatch! 2010. Live Nation, owners of the Gorge, installed the new stage and black curtain to accommodate larger tours with an infrastructure that had a tendency to swing in the wind in the pre-curtain days.

We had hoped that after a year, a more aesthetically pleasing alternative could be reached. But, alas, we hear from Live Nation that the new stage and its Hefty-inspired friend are returning to Sasquatch! and the rest of the Gorge's shows this season.


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This is your old view.
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