The Thermals Kick Back and Relax for Their "Never Listen to Me" Music Video

The Thermals--who hit up Seattle last Friday--just released a beautiful new music video for one of the best tracks off Personal Life, "Never Listen to Me." The video was directed by Aubree Bernier-Clarke and Lance Bangs (who's done videos for Sonic Youth, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Black Keys, Bjork, Arcade Fire, and a long list of others), and was shot on the now-discontinued Kodak Kodachrome, hence the warm and coppery look.

"Never Listen to Me" is a laid-back kind of jam, and the video is appropriately easygoing as well. In it, the trio hangs in a park; Hutch sings while sitting on the ground with his back to a tree; Kathy joins him and then starts an outdoor dance party. Very sweet.

If you missed the Thermals at Neumos last Friday, have no fear--they'll be back next month to headline the Sasquatch! Launch Party at Showbox at the Market.

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