The Debut From My Goodness, One of the Many Things We're Looking Forward to in 2011

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Speaking of things we're looking forward to in 2011 ... space became an issue when we were putting our paper to bed last night, and we had to make a few unfortunate cuts to the list of the musical events and situations we're looking forward to this year (yes, it's gonna be that great of a year) though we made room for more of the highlights online.

One of trims was a note about how excited we are to finally hear a record from My Goodness. But since the band has had no shortage of love from SW lately, and Erin K. Thompson will be writing them up next week in preview of their set at SW's Happy Hour For Hope (5:30 to 7:30, Jan. 12 at the Highline), I decided to hold them back.

Here's what WOULD have run in print abut My Goodness, had we had a bit more space.

In 2011, We're Looking Forward to ... The debut from My Goodness. The finest set at SW's REVERB Local Music Festival 2010 came from these two sweaty dudes who reduced the stage at the 2 Bit by at least a bit. They've got punk, they've got blues, they've got style, and they say they've finally got a debut record that's going to be out before St. Patrick's Day. -- CK

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