Sleigh Bells' Bloody New Music Video for "Rill Rill"

Sleigh Bells' "Rill Rill" was my #1 song of 2010, and now the duo's debuted a strange little music video for the song. "Rill Rill" was directed by Jon Watts, and features Alexis Krauss being the baddest bad girl she can be--she plays with knives, wears a round of bullets slung around her torso, and pushes a bloodied-up Derek Miller out of her moving car--along with his guitar. Such a naughty thing.

In other Sleigh Bells news, Derek Miller is apparently collaborating on a new song with Diplo and Beyonce, which is awesome, and the band is about to embark on a tour with CSS and Neon Indian. The touring schedule doesn't include a Seattle date--just a blank spot in between Portland on May 26 and San Francisco on May 30, which means a Sasquatch! appearance is all but obvious.

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