Question for Duff: You're a History Buff, So Where Are You Going to Explore Next?

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Q: Duff, of all the countries you have traveled in your life, is there a certain one you would have liked to explore other than from touring, and which foreign language do you speak? And by the way, what happened to those awesome "Duff" amps from the Use Your Illusion tour days? -- Matthias

Duff: Hi, Mathias. Well, I am a true student of history, and am fascinated with a ton of different historical eras--mostly war at the moment. The Ottoman Empire and things like the Moorish/Christian conflict intrigue me as well. I am really all over the place, though.

My next big "bucket list" thing to do, though, is to take a motorcycle and follow the U.S. 101st Airborne's route from the invasion at Normandy all the way to Hitler's Eagle's Nest in Austria.

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