Make That Three Sold-Out Macklemore Dates at the Showbox. No, There Won't Be a Fourth

Macklemore, left, with producer Ryan Lewis.
Showbox booker Chad Queirolo has confirmed that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have sold out their Feb. 27 date at Showbox at the Market, making it the third date the Seattle hip-hop duo has sold out in a run that includes shows on Feb. 25 and March 5. Showbox brass says a fourth show will not be added.

The demand for these shows was unexpected. The first two shows sold out in a matter of hours each; Queirolo called this "doubly unprecedented."

The only other local hip-hop act working today to sell out multiple nights at the Showbox--one of the largest and most iconic rooms in town--is longtime stalwarts Blue Scholars. We'll be searching for plaudits and hyperbole to describe this feat for a long time to come.

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