Max Tundra Reinvents Marnie Stern Into a Dancehall Queen With "The Things You Notice" Remix

Time to hit the dancefloor, Marnie
Marnie Stern is many things--beautiful blonde, guitar goddess, Best Coast's archenemy . . . but one thing she isn't? A club queen--Stern's all about hardcore shredding, not bass beats and dubstep.

That's until now, though--British electronic music/producer Max Tundra, who's remixed the Pet Shop Boys and Franz Ferdinand and toured with Hot Chip--recently reworked Stern's "The Things You Notice" off her stunning 2010 self-titled release. Tundra transforms the track into an aggressive club-thumper, with squiggling synths and a sharp focus on Stern's icy vocals. Nice work! You can download the remix for free on Kill Rock Stars' website. (Then listen to the original "The Things You Notice" to hear the transformation).

Want more, Marnie fans? She's making a return to the Vera Project on March 15. In the meantime, check out Sasha Frere-Jones' recent in-depth and admiring profile of Stern for the New Yorker.

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