Katy Perry Is Coming to KeyArena in July, and May Bring Robyn

Katy Perry has announced her North American summer tour dates, and KeyArena's on the itinerary--Perry will hit Seattle July 20. If, for inexplicable reasons, you are a Katy Perry fan, we suggest purchasing your tickets as soon as possible (they go on sale on Saturday, January 29 at 10 a.m.), as this show will very likely go the way of Ke$ha at the Showbox and sell out.

Fine, Katy Perry. You can't really sing, you think latex and blue hair are the cutting edge of fashion, you ripped your album title off Beach House, and "California Gurls" and "Teenage Dream" are basically the same song. But you have fans, so fine, go on tour. But do you really have to soil the good name of an actually talented pop star while you're at it?

Billboard reports that Robyn will be opening for Perry on this tour. Robyn, we didn't think you'd stoop so low as to play second fiddle to someone whose greatest trick is to shoot fireworks out of her boobs--you certainly don't have to--but you do what you got to, girl.

On the plus side, this stint is pretty much guaranteed to garner a legion of new fans for Robyn, and she deserves all of them.

Robyn may or may not be here for the KeyArena show--all that's been reported so far is that she'll open some of the tour and Marina and the Diamonds will open the rest. We'll let you know as soon as we do.

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