Hugo's "99 Problems" EP Is On Sale at Easy Street for Less Than a Dollar!

Yes, we've been talking about Hugo a lot these past couple weeks--but that is because he is a) a cool dude, and b) the performer of one of the hottest songs in Seattle right now--his stomptacular cover of his boss Jay-Z's "99 Problems."

Still haven't heard it? Easy Street's got the five-song "99 Problems" EP on sale for $0.99 right now. Says the Easy Street blog:

What about this Hugo cat anyway? Dude puts out a southern gothic-ish banjo-laden version of his label boss Jay-Z's smash "99 Problems" (with Jigga's blessing no less) and it becomes the talk of the town. Currently in heavy rotation on KNDD, Hugo performed for one of the station's "Sessions" shows at EMP the other night and stirred up the hive even more. His new 99 Problems five-song EP is on sale now at Easy Street for only 99 cents - get it now while you can!

BTW, Hugo's "99 Problems" can also be heard in the new major motion picture No Strings Attached, that movie where Natalie Portman has fun sex with Ashton Kutcher (he TOTALLY wants to sleep with her!)

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