ATTN Seattle Bands: You Have Until the End of the Day to Enter the Hard Rock's International Battle of the Bands Competition

The deadline for entering Hard Rock Cafe's massive, international Battle of the Bands competition is today. If you are a Seattle band and you want a chance to play Hard Rock Calling 2011 at London's Hyde Park, visit the Battle of the Bands site right now and enter.

Unfamiliar with the competition? It works like this:

1. Seattle bands submit their paperwork and two original recordings to by the end of the day. So, like, midnight. Or if you have a SonicBids account, you can submit online.

2. A room of stiffs (present company included) will winnow the field down to 12 Seattle bands to compete at Seattle's Hard Rock.

3. Bands compete February 11, 18, and 25, with the finals on March 12.

4. The winner will be tossed into a regional pool to be judged by another room of stiffs (we haven't been invited yet), who will recommend a batch of bands, who will be voted on to attend Hard Rock Calling. Four bands from the competition will be going.

All right, there it is. Act fast, and watch for updates here on Reverb, on Facebook, and @HardRockSeattle.

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