After a Quiet End to 2010, Dyme Def Turns Up the Heat With "2 Step" and the Pay Day Series

After the unfortunately quiet reception to their June release of the Sex Tape project, South Seattle's 3badbrothaaas more or less retreated from the spotlight. But the trio re-emerged for Columbia City Theater's NYE bash, and they've kept the momentum up in 2011 with a new project: "Pay Day."

For at least "the next few months," Dyme Def plans to drop a new calendar, with new material every two weeks. The first installation, "2 Step," is a club-ready banger, produced by Mike Weed, on the level of their best work--especially notable considering it's the first time in a long time they've dropped a track with a signee of their former home Sportn' Life: in this case SK (whose debut EP Late Arrival is still forthcoming). We'll see you on the 17th.

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