Move Over, Taylor Swift! Seven Seattle Musicians Who Would Make Million-Dollar Cover Girls

Lady Gaga sells not only albums, but magazines. When the pop superstar graced the covers of Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair last year, they flew off the shelves much faster than the other issues, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Whose mug causes an opposite reaction? Surprisingly, Taylor Swift. Media News reports that her April Elle cover was the magazine's worst seller that year. Ouch.

Maybe it's time that these glossies turn their attention to the bevy of beauties who make up Seattle's music scene. Here are seven local ladies who, thanks to their talent and good looks, would surely make million-dollar cover girls.

7. Zoe Muth

The acclaimed country singer/songwriter croons bittersweet love songs in a voice reminiscent of Emmylou Harris'. While her delivery is convincing, it's hard to believe that in real life, anyone would break this fresh-faced beauty's heart.

6. Choklate

At the risk of sounding shallow, this sultry soul singer is a joy to see live not only because she's a hell of a performer, but because she's got a gorgeous smile and some serious curves. Her fans know that Choklate is as sweet and addictive as her namesake.

5. Brandi Carlile

It's no wonder why a major label like Columbia Records would sign Carlile. She's the complete package: clever self-penned songs and a pretty face to go with them. Surely this is the sort of "Brown Eyed Girl" Van Morrison would be smitten by.

4. Lisa Dank

"I'm hella bent on being heaven sent!" Dank quips on her guilty pleasure "Cookies." Born in South America, this now Seattle-based flamboyant pop tart describes her childhood as "repressed Catholic" and cites Madonna as an inspiration. 'Nuff said.

3. Kristen Ward

Ballard is the lucky neighborhood this babe calls home. A folk singer whose dark eyes are as mesmerizing as her ballads, Ward gets the the thumbs up from Duff McKagan and anybody else with a pulse.

2. Melakai

Her online bio boasts that she's the coolest thing to hit the dance scene since glow sticks. The confident electro-pop singer certainly plays up her sex appeal, posing as provocatively as her more mainstream peers and performing in sequin-soaked bras.

1. Neko Case

After winning the title "Sexiest Babe of Indie Rock" in a poll, the magazine asked her to pose nude. The mastermind behind Cyclone declined, but plenty of men are still crossing their fingers in hopes she someday changes her mind.

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