Weezer Shouts Out to Seattle DJ Marco Collins Twice On Pinkerton Re-Issue, Includes Live Track From Shoreline's Shorecrest High School

Longtime '90s-era DJ at 107.7 the End and current part-time voice on KEXP, Marco Collins is recognized as being the first DJ to spin Weezer's "Undone" on the radio. And in the band's deluxe re-issue of Pinkerton, released last month, the band sent Collins some love.

Including an interview Collins did with the band on the End, frontman Rivers Cuomo shouts out to Collins on the album's live, acoustic performance of "El Scorcho."

"I want to say thanks to Marco for putting this all together," Cuomo says at the beginning of the song.

The track, as it turns out, was recorded at Shoreline's Shorecrest High School in 1996, at a show Collins arranged with the End.

"It was like the Beatles came to Shoreline," Collins says. "I swear to God, it was kids screaming. They greeted them like they were the Beatles."

Collins chalks up being the first to spin "Undone" to having had a good relationship with their label, Geffen, and taking to the track right away.

"I just thought, this is different, it sound cool. It's got the big power cord dynamics, and I just think I like it. Well, it started taking off, and it blew up. We were one of those taste-making stations, too. So, we added something, and eight other stations added it and then it grew from there, and it grew from there. And slowly you have a chart number."

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