Top 10 Eulogies For Smooth Jazz On KWJZ 98.9

As we reported on Tuesday, KWJZ 98.9 has switched formats after 19 years, giving up smooth jazz in favor of the "modern music" of Alien Ant Farm, Linkin Park, and Pink. The Weekly has documented the importance of Smooth Jazz to the city of Seattle numerous times through the years, including in Mike Seely's investigation of Greg Nickels' Quiet Storm, Keegan Hamilton's gonzo reporting in Smooth Sailing, and my conversation with Kenny G.

Here's a look at the 10 best eulogies for the station's smooth jazz format, according to Reveb readers' comments:

1. "Smooth jazz for me was like sniffing the coffee beans at the perfume counter before trying on another fragrance.98.9 gave me a chance to clear my head before diving into one genera to the next. Smooth jazz also settled my anxiety in high stress driving situations." - Smooth Operator

2. "I happen to be a special needs school bus driver and this was the station that was on the bus every day. The kids all liked the music and it was a safe station to have on without having to worry about content. There's a big hole in my heart and actually feel like I'm grieving the death of a dear friend. :(" -- Nancy

3. "My 12 yr old son has autism and LOVED this station. It was calming, fun and he really started understanding this kind of jazz to supplement his 'knowing' more straight forward jazz. He has been fairly distraught since. "- Aly

4. "I can't get after all these years you would turn your back on jazz! Jazz is not a fad like you have on this new format. This new music will come and go but jazz last a life time. You people in the media are making a HUGE mistake for selling out to something that won't last.To us REAL musicians the new station ClICK is GARBAGE!" - Stanley Gaul

5. "I can't believe that the Seattle and Puget Sound market can't support smooth jazz station. I question the methodology of the sampling. I will miss KWJZ as my wake up an commuting music - I don't need another "hip" station or talking head radio." - RWR

6. "As a teacher, I used this station in the classroom for the same reason the busdriver did, it was safe in content and easy to use as background music for the students to work within. I am still in shock.. perhaps there is a way we could bring back our beloved station?" - Donnasieb

7. "I am one unhappy camper. No one called me about my radio choice.. This is my only station. I'll NEVER listen to another Rock or whatever the noise was when I turned on the radio yesterday. Did you notify all your members. No you did NOT. We were never even advised of this change!!!!! This sucks. This is one of the stupidest moves I have ever seen!!!!!" - Marciawinter33

8. "I work in a counseling center where we played smooth jazz all day, then for my "relaxing" commute home, there were a few too repeated songs like every station had but give us the choice, are there any other similar stations out there? Pls listen to your listeners or "previous" listeners and help us, many of us need calm and relaxing, I guess there's always CD's, I'll start building my collection, because I certainly won't be listening to the new "click" more like click off." - Rickandterribird

9. "This has got to be the dubbest business decision in radio. No station can top the vibes of smooth Jazz." -- Smooth Fan

10. "This sucks...what a huge disappointment!!!! Nothing even compares." - Pamela Steeman

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