Today Reverb Recommends You Vote for Seattle Musicians in KEXP's Top 90.3 Albums of 2010

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Damien Jurado's Saint Barlett is just one 2010 Seattle album you could vote for.

KEXP has started its annual "Top 90.3 Albums of the Year" poll again, and it's open for voting until Jan. 3. Like every year, it's a nearly all-inclusive list, with musicians ranging from the XX to Kanye West.

And, like most KEXP polls, it's a no-brainer that Arcade Fire's most recent release will make it near the top of the list. While that's deserved--The Suburbs is pretty good--isn't KEXP supposed to be Seattle's music station? Why not vote some Seattle musicians into (at least) the Top 25? Here's three albums that deserve high standing on the poll:

1. Damien Jurado -- Saint Bartlett

2. The Head and The Heart -- The Head and The Heart

3. Perfume Genius -- Learning

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