Today Reverb Recommends You Resolve to Make Week-End, Not Year-End, Top-10 Lists In 2011

Say what you will about year-end top 10 lists, their finest purpose is remembering what records you enjoyed over the course of a year. In fact, you'll be seeing SW's list of the top Seattle albums of 2010 any minute now. Sure, a handful of them will fall into the "it felt good at the time" gutter before too long. But as far as a time capsule of what has resonated with a critic, tax attorney, or general music lover in a year, they are without equal. But in this digital age, they're also terribly antiquated.

There are so many albums, mp3s, and EPs at our fingertips every day that compiling a compendium once a year is woefully inadequate. We're hit with such a mass of material on a daily basis, that's it's hard enough to remember what came out last week, let along last month. That's why in 2011 we should all resolve to make weekly top 10 lists of the jams that have crossed our earbuds, and leave a trail of bread crumbs that will, come Dec. 31, tell the story of the year.

Because if there's anything the internet needs more of, it's lists!

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