Today Reverb Recommends You Peruse Kickstarter for a Way to Start the New Year with Good Karma--and Be a Part of Something

While raising capital for art projects isn't always easy, initiatives like Brooklyn-based Kickstarter have connected the like-minded and made giving easier. By using an all-or-nothing funding method and a reward system for donors its format theoretically reduces the risk on both ends--and you can even browse by city and category, which might lead you to projects like trippy local art mag I Want You or an unending list of bands looking for help recording their album.

One project worthy of attention, recently shared by the Prometheus Brown of the Blue Scholars, is the Hip-Hop Word Count: a "searchable ethnographic database built from the lyrics of over 40,000 hip-hop songs" stretching back to 1979. Aside from answering some of the genres most heated questions--from which rapper was the smartest (most multi-syllable words) to which champagne is most popular with rappers--the database would not only settle debates but become a cultural educator, associating ideas, lyrics and references with geographic location and time. And it's just one of the many projects waiting for your approval.
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