Why Kevin Nealon and Apolo Ohno Want Billy Idol to Play Michael's Birthday

Some people have dreams, like statuesque megamansions, supercharged sports cars or powerful jobs--and some people, well, they want Billy Idol to play their birthday party. So is the quest of 24-year-old Seattlite (and Seattle Weekly Street Team-er) Michael Henrichsen, who created playmybirthdaybillyidol.com last month.

Having seen his "Idol" three times in concert in the last five years, he admits that a private party is probably out of reach--so instead he's advocating a tour stop based on rumored new material. But this is no selfish wish either; Henrichsen just wants to accomplish something great, and put on a good time for his friends.

"The whole concept is that it's not just about Billy Idol playing my birthday," he said. "I'm at a weird point in my life at 24 years old, I work retail and have two internships, I'm tons of money in debt for going out of state in college, and I have tons of friends who are moving on in life as far as getting married and having kids. So I guess this project is more about not being complacent in life."

Henrichsen's already done a good amount of legwork too. So far, the venues he's explored include Neumos, Showbox at the Market and Safeco Field, and the website's already gotten some pretty awesome (if not awkward) video cosigns: actor Kevin Nealon (of SNL and Weeds, speed skater Apolo Ohno (of eight Olympic medals), and musician Rick Springfield (of "Jesse's Girl").

There's been no word from Idol or his people yet, and even if you don't know his personal cell number there are still a few ways to contribute. First, you can check out the site (which Henrichsen hopes to have updated daily) and spread the word. If you're out of town (or state, or country), you can take a picture with yourself and one of the posters for the site--just like a man from Ontario recently did outside a Tim Horton's--and he'll post it. Otherwise, just keep dancing with yourself.

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