RE: Dave Matthews at Bumbershoot 2011, the Festival Says They'd Totally Be Up For It

Last week, Dave Matthews told Reverb that even though his band was taking 2011 off, he was considering bringing the band out of the woodshed for their annual Labor Day Weekend series at the Gorge, and that he'd also consider playing Bumbershoot.

Jon Stone, the executive director of One Reel, the non-profit that oversees the festival, says that Bumbershoot would, "love to have Dave Matthews involved with the festival in any way, shape, or form. It's his hometown festival, you know."

The Dave Matthews Band has played three shows at the Gorge, from Friday through Sunday, over Labor Day Weekend for the last five years, directly competing with Bumbershoot for customers.

"The Dave Matthews Band audience is the same audience as Bumbershoot," Stone says. "Bumbershoot has a very wide audience, but really so is the Dave Matthews audience. We share common listeners. I have no doubt about that."

A Matthews set at Bumbershoot--or no competing set at the Gorge--could help peel off some of the roughly 22,000 people the DMB draws at the Gorge ever night, and give a boost to the 40-year-old festival that has struggled at the turnstiles for a the last few years, and recently laid off eight of their 14 full-time employees.

Stone wouldn't guess as to how much it would cost the festival to bring in Matthews, a resident of Wallingford, but he assumes his band would be among Bumbershoot's most expensive acts ever. They'd also be one of the biggest draws.

"He's one of the top-grossing artists of our time," Stone says.

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds are playing a pair of benefit shows at McCaw Hall tonight and Tuesday.

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