John Roderick Column Becomes the Mayor's Plan for KEXP at Seattle Center

An artist rendering of KEXP's planned space at Seattle Center.
Two months ago Reverb columnist/Long Winters frontman John Roderick took to the blog to plot out what the mayor's decision regarding KEXP's bid for Seattle Center's Fun Forest space would say about the kind of city he envisioned Seattle to be. Now that the mayor's announcement has been made it looks a lot like, well, what Roderick was laying out.

Let's consider the following:

Roderick: "I appreciate that the foot of the Space Needle might be the wrong place for a new facility, but KEXP is exactly the kind of civic feature Seattle Center is meant to house."

The Mayor's Solution: Put KEXP at Seattle Center, just not the Fun Forest.

Roderick: The idea of providing a home for KEXP shouldn't be reflexively dismissed for lack of funding, or pitted against an unrelated tourist attraction in a winner-takes-all battle. It's time for the city to embrace KEXP as a civic institution worthy of support.

The Mayor's Solution: Let KEXP pay most of the rent in house ads on the air.

Roderick: The role it plays in the Seattle music scene, as ambassador to the world at large ... is incalculable.

The Mayor's Solution: Use the house ads on KEXP to promote Seattle Center, an institution that could use all the PR it can get.

Now, John, could you please convince the governor that she shouldn't kill Bremerton's access to Seattle nightlife?

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