My Goodness, Seattle's Answer to The Black Keys, Is Readying Their Self-Titled Debut

For a guitar and drum duo as indebted to punk and the blues as My Goodness is, comparisons to The Black Keys are unavoidable. But that ain't a bad thing. Sonic similarities aside, My Goodness--a highlight at SW's REVEB Fest in October--packs an incendiary live show to further the parallels.

Aside from a few tracks on MySpace and floating around the internet, the live shows are all they've had. But guitarist/vocalist Joel Schneider (you've seen him in Absolute Monarchs, too) tells us the band hopes to change that with the release of their self-titled debut that they've been working on with producer Chris Common (These Arms Are Snakes).

"We are actually in the studio mastering the record right now," Schneider told us in an email. "I think we are shooting for sometime in February for a release date. We'd put it out sooner but I think were going to see if anyone is interested in helping us release it before we do it ourselves."

Interested parties can bring contracts and a fresh t-shirt to the band's Dec. 19 show at the Cha Cha where they'll be playing with Thunder Buffalo and Blood Red Dancers.

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