KEXP/KNDD DJ Marco Collins Is Headed For the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Alex Crick
When the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rolls out an update to its interactive radio exhibit next year, Marco Collins, who was behind the mic at 107.7 the End from 1991 to 1998, will be featured as the jock to represent the Seattle music explosion of the decade.

"Marco was an essential part of the scene," Howard Kramer, the Rock Hall's curatorial director tells us. "At the time that the Seattle scene exploded, radio was still very important. It was still the main way you heard music."

While Collins was at the End--where he served as DJ, assistant program director, and music director--he had the distinction of being the voice of Alternative Rock for many in the region, and was known for having an ear for hits. In addition bringing the Seattle sound to the masses, he is widely credited with being the DJ who popularized Garbage, and was the first person to spin Weezer's "Undone (The Sweater Song)" on the radio.

"He was definitely a visionary in embracing local music and not only local music but what at that time, "alternative" music, that wasn't recognized," says Susie Tennant, Geffen Records' Northwest rep in the '90s. "He lived the music. He was out going to shows. He lived and breathed it. That was his culture."

Collins joins legendary KJR jock Pat O'Day as the city's two representatives in the exhibit. Kramer says the the Rock Hall will announce further details about the updated exhibit early next year.

After Collins left the End he hopped around several different stations and gigs, including music director at VH1, before moving back to Seattle. He now subs on a regular basis at KEXP and programs the Alternative Chill internet radio station at

"It's a huge honor," Collins says. "It feels weird to me because I think there's a lot of very, very talented people in the northwest. And for me to be chosen for something like that, to be side by side with Pat O'Day, is a massive honor."

We'll have an update on what else Collins is up to now in the coming weeks.

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