Question for Duff: Does a One-Week Break Means She's Gone For Good?

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Q: My girlfriend texted me last Monday and said that she needed a week of space, meaning we can't see or talk to each other for a week because she wants to be sure with herself. I'm so devastated I can't even concentrate on work. What should I do to make it up to her and save our relationship? --Russell, Manila, Philippines

Duff: I am maybe jumping at the assumption that this may be your first experience in true-love heartache. Listen, man, if she needs a week break, chances are that things are over and done with.

I am not trying to bring you down. No, oddly, these are the experiences that we must all go through to build true character and to finally put us in those places where we will one day find that "one" . . . or, at least one of the ones.

Believe in yourself. Don't hang onto this for too long. Keep your chin up, and just simply act as if everything is OK right now. I have found from experience that acting as if it is has gotten me through many a tight spot. Best of luck to you, and we've all got your back here in this column, my man!

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