Zeke: The Sound of Seattle Hardcore In the '90s

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After all of the major labels had left Seattle in the wake of the 'grunge' craze, the area was left to just get back to business-as-usual; kick ass rock n roll.

Anyone from around here certainly knows about Zeke, and a lot of you out there in the rest of world may have seen them when they came to your town on one of their endless tour cycles. This is gear-head, tattoo, blue-collar rock and roll at its very, VERY best in my opinion.

I will write about songs here just from the Flat Tracker record. By all means, explore further into Zeke's catalogue if you like these.

"T500," Flat Tracker: A top-fueled blitzkrieg of Les Paul guitars and Marshall stacks.

"Chiva Kenieval," Flat Tracker: A witty title about the downside of heroin.

"Overkill," Flat Tracker: I feel like a snot-nosed kid when I here this song, usually at a tattoo shop. This record got me through more than a few long drives on tour.

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