With New Visuals for Eighty4 Fly's "Hip Hop Sh!t" Jon Augustavo Proves He Just Can't Quit

Despite his seemingly sincere promise to take a break from music videos in order to focus on film studies at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, it seems LA-via-Seattle videographer Jon Augustavo just can't get out of the game. After dropping a video for Spokane emcee C-Flow's track "Call Me Crazy" earlier this month and one for Playboy Tre's "I Don't Care" just before that, he's again collaborated with Eighty4 Fly--the emcee whose debut video was one of Jon Jon's first, and remains of his most viewed. Back in April it was "So Cool," and now it's "Hip Hop Sh!t" off the free mixtape 1stClass In FlyWorld.

The nighttime trip through a parking garage and down the street is what Jon does best: simple, honest, and beautifully shot. But after just a few short months at school, the improvement in clarity and editing are evident, and impressive. Watching some of his classwork--including a clip experimenting with the movement transitions that he used heavily in "Hip Hop Sh!t--I have no doubt his days working in music videos are, in fact, numbered. But that's not because he won't get the gigs; it's because he'll have moved on to bigger things.

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