Watch Hobosexual's Star-Studded Very First Music Video For "Van Candy"

Hobosexual - Van Candy from Amelia Gydé on Vimeo.

Reverb favorites Hobosexual just sent us their very first new music video for their kind of creepy, kind of sexy song, "Van Candy." This clip is pure fun to watch, featuring familiar backdrops of I-5, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Golden Gardens, and the Blue Moon Tavern. Using the brilliance of stop-motion, a group of aliens wander around fighting a robot, browsing DVDs, having some beers, eating a biscuit, playing with a cat, and crawling through Gabriel Mintz's luscious flowing hair. Awesome video -- keep your eye out for more guest appearances from Tilson, Sound on the Sound's Abbey Simmons, Trent Moorman, Jenny George, Matt Brown, Blake Madden, and more.

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