Through @ 2: The Power of Attorney: Lesli Wood of the Redwood Plan

Alex Crick
The Redwood Plan will play the Sunset Tavern on Saturday, November 20.
The situation: Late on a Tuesday night, I'm standing in front of the enigmatic faux-speakeasy Knee High Stocking Company on Capitol Hill. I ring the doorbell, and a waitress unlocks the door, questions me, checks my ID, and steps aside to let me in when I tell her I'm meeting one of their regulars, Lesli Wood, of the bombastic indie-rock quartet The Redwood Plan.

Intoxication: Wood convinces me to have a few French Kisses: champagne mixed with Lillet Blanc and Chambord. Even without the bubbly, Wood is abuzz with energy; bright and highly personable, she's sporting a black T-shirt with red hearts that reads "Being in love is totally punk rock."

Wood is married to The Redwood Plan's bassist, Larry Brady.

"Instead of going on a honeymoon, we went on tour," she says. "We got married so we could go full-force into our lives together. There's a certain sort of unspoken contract in bands to have that same commitment: that you're all going into this venture together."

How She Got Here: Wood is perhaps the only combination personal-injury attorney/lead singer in town, making for a mind-bogglingly busy lifestyle.

"I sleep maybe three to four hours a night. I get up at 6 and go to work. Today I worked a full day, spent time with my husband, wrote songs for The Redwood Plan, rode to and from Georgetown on my bike," she recounts. "This is just how every day looks, and so I've sort of been able to compartmentalize well enough to do everything well."

Wood's careers never clash, she insists. Plus, her clients are down for having a rock star representing them.

"One time I had just been on KEXP, and [a client] said, 'Is this Lesli Wood from the radio?' Clients seem to think it's cool. It shows that I'm not just this stale, unemotional lawyer. It gives a human aspect to me."

Shop Talk: The Redwood Plan--Wood, Brady, drummer Betty ST, and guitarist Sydney Stolfus--is prepping new material for their second album and 2011 tour. The new record, a follow-up to their popular debut, Racing Towards the Heartbreak, finds the band, in Wood's words, "shaking things up."

"We're incorporating more electronic sounds," she says. "I like having catchy, synthy songs. And it's not a bad thing to be hip to what the kids are listening to."

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